Why Do Men Stay Erect After Ejaculation

noticing this strange thing -his penis stays hard even after ejaculation. about this and we would like to find out is this common among men?

I'm unable to stay hard after orgasm. Is there something I need to do? Yes, it's true that some men can stay erect after orgasm, but rest assured that a
s there any tips and advice to stay erect after ejaculation or continue to make Some guys can do this and continue to have sex , but most guys

My Husband Stays Hard After Ejaculation/orgasm . Has anyone ever heard of this happening? If he finishes before I do it doesn't matter
26 Nov 2007 After masturbating and reaching climax/ejaculation, my penis can't stay erect anymore. Most men can't stay erect after orgasm. Typically, masturbation, especially if done to just "get off" will do just that and once it has
Is it possible to stay erect after reaching climax? Nov 26, 2007 ejaculation, my penis can't stay erect anymore. Is this the case with you guys? 3 replies
26 May 2008 How common is it for a man to stay at least partially hard after he orgasms, and to be willing to continue having sex? My observation is was that men who orgasm quickly, lose tumescence LOVE that word immediately
How do you stay erect after ejaculation? In: Men's Health [Edit categories]. Answer: Improve. Keep your mind in the gutter an think of perverted things

just wanted to run this past you guys to see if anyone else has had the I've had a few b/f's in my past who would stay hard after sex due to still

what to do if my dog eaten viagra viagra how to after taking viagra do you stay erect after ejaculation does viagra lose its potency in men over time used

taking viagra for young men watch amy reid is after taking viagra do you stay erect after ejaculation will viagra help me keep an erection after i ejaculate

I orgasm, and consider the sex great, but have heard of these men taht can do it after orgasm for an hour or longer- how can my husband do that? I don't want to

buy where Does daily cialis come in 10mg cialis telephone cialis young men mainaining an erection can take 40mg cialis how long will i stay hard using cialis ? 2.5 mg cialis Does your erection go away immediatly after ejaculation while

I don't know what Jon does personally, but he's able to stay erect after and after , this will seperate your orgasm which it IS two parts for men

3 Apr 2011 Pre-ejaculate men are different from post-ejaculate men are too nervous and anxious have a harder time no pun getting and staying hard.

27 Feb 2011 Below are two ways which you can use to stay erect after orgasm. 1. Coach your penis As you age, the pubococcygeous muscle extending from

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